GAVANOZIS John - civil engineer - Technical consultancy, supervision and construction

The technical office is open from 1990.

It began with the preparation of structural design and issuing building permits. Over the years, with work experience, activities expanded, while improving the services provided.


* The design and implementation of new projects.


* The rehabilitation of old projects and adapting them to modern needs.



The objectives of the new effort began recently with the creation of the website is:


* The presentation of the projects we have completed or are under implementation

* Create a database that will be enriched regularly and gives a direct information on technical issues at all levels, from kanomismous and legislation, so the cost of construction and operation of projects, accessible to all.

* The provision of services via the Internet.


Now 12 months after posting the website "www.jgtech.gr" we received 30,000 hits, about 82 per day. Statistics will be posted soon. In this effort, every opinion and observation is valuable, and we are grateful to those who devote some time to express his views.


We thank those who have trusted us so far and promise to those who trust us in the future that will bring out the work that we entrust with the finest possible way.


Gavanozis John