articles The planning permission is the process established by the state for both private and public projects to ensure the application of technical rules to ensure the public interest. These rules are not made on the basis of restricting the rights of property, but according to the mutual respect of each property to the neighboring and friendly. All of us is to apply all these rules, as well as to judge them and to adapt to the needs of each period in which we live.

For you planned your project, we will give you a comprehensive proposal that includes:

ARCHITECTURE CONCEPT - a proposal tailored to your requirements.

2. Economic proposal - offering well suited to current conditions

We are confident that our proposal will provide for you "guide" for market research that you make.

Our firm complies fully with the new requirements after the implementation of Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (KENAK) and already has produced the first comprehensive studies under the new standards.


The permit small scale:

The main precondition for issuing a building permit small scale is not affected volumes sides of the building or its use. The issuance of this permit does not relieve the owner from its obligations apenati those who would "work for hire" as it pertains to Social Security, the Labour Inspectorate or the municipality.

In the case of small-scale license under strictly following cases:

1. Simple staircase of masonry up to one meter (1.00 m) or gated land in non project areas. Also define the poles of peaks plot or land.

2. Repairs facades and internal or external coatings and repair or replace fences, without using scaffolding.

3. Replacement frames in the same opening.

4. Repair roof.

5. Replace roof lawful buildings, buildings that have been declared by Law 1337/83 and have not joined a plan, and buildings that are existing before the power VD/9-8-55 if the total width of the roof does not exceed 7.50 m and height of 2.0 m, and that improves the current format, based on approval of the BDP or presentation where images maintain the existing form and if no use is made of reinforced concrete.

6. Home furnishings buildings without interference with structural elements (elements in concrete, load-bearing walls, etc.), and if not create an arbitrary change of use of space in accordance with Article 5 of the GOK '85.

7. Trial trenches excavated soil and after the letter of the relevant Archaeological Service.

8. The construction of the stone warehouse roofs cultivated farms in accordance with Article 6 § 4 of PD 24/31-5-85 Gov. 270D, spanning five to ten square (15 m2) and total height with the roof up to three meters ( 3.00 m) if no use is made of reinforced concrete roof, and constructed independently of any existing main building, once for each pitch and after approval of D / Division of Agriculture.

9. Prefabricated homes for self-help housing repatriated from the former Soviet Union expatriates Pontians up to one hundred twenty (120 m2) and once for each plot of land or property, subject to approval of the relevant D / Division of the Ministry for the type of prefabricated housing.

10. Installing prefab prefabricated houses specially for housing groups, based on programs prepared by agencies of the Ministry.

11. Pumping facilities and buildings with absolutely necessary dimensions for housing in accordance with Article 3 of Decree 24/31-5-85 Gov. 270D, except as required by the construction of columns and if they have the required approval of D / Division of Agriculture .

12. Drilling water on private land within the project or within the village or on land off plan, after approval by the City area and the competent Directorate of the Region.

13. The work required for geotechnical investigations in accordance with NEAK 2003 without retaining jobs.

14. The construction of wooden pergolas, fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces indoors in open spaces and terraces in accordance with building regulation.

15. Small terrain with stones by plus / minus 0.30 m from the bedrock.

16. Installing air conditioning in existing buildings, after approval ALMPs that can only be given based on photographs of the building. Where approved by the ALMP placement conditioners on the facades of buildings shall be placed at a height of less than three meters (3.0 m) from the level of the sidewalk and providing proper drainage of condensation, for buildings located in the building line. In any case not exceed the allowable noise level limits.

17. Installing solar water heaters in accordance with the requirements of Resolution 1945/134/17-1-2003 Secretary Ministry.

18. The construction required for the movement of disabled people in accordance with current regulations and after approval by the Secretary General of the Region.

19. The placement of external insulation in buildings under conditions according oik.9584 Decision PE.K.A Minister published in the Gazette 392V / 2011. Click here to download the full text

Our office undertakes include:

settle-set of semi-open spaces under n.3843/10 (check here)

a Certificate of Energy Efficiency under Gov. 407/V/9-4-10 (check here)

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